One significant project was conducted under Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center (PolReC), started in 2015. Within the context of this project, “Polar Research Clubs” were established under 26 different middle schools. Each club has about 15 students and approximately in total 300 middle school students have joined to these clubs. Simultaneously “University Students Polar Team” (PolSTeam) was established under the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2015, provided information and floor for joining different activities with regard to polar research and studies.  More than 150 university students joined PolSTeam.

Following to the effectuation of these two formations, university students visits middle school clubs and students, conveys their knowledge to juniors and responds to their questions.

Turkish Antarctic Research Expedition 2016 (TARE 2016) joint with Ukraine was completed with the participation of 13 Turkish scientists with 13 research projects from 7 universities plus Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). One of the most significant project during the expedition conducted by researcher was, on behalf of TUBITAK popular science journal, named as “Science for Young”. Researcher daily conveyed all scientific researches conducted to senior high school students who are the main target of the Journal. Feedbacks to this project proved that the attempt for this project was successful and took extreme interest of the young generation. Also during TARE 2016, ITU Polar Research Center (PolReC) researchers had a live satellite phone connection to one of the middle school polar research club to respond to questions.

ITU PolReC, PolSTeam, Istanbul and Marmara Universities jointly gave half a day workshop in May 2016 to 150 middle school teachers about Polar climate, Global Change, Sea Ice, Polar Navigation and TARE 2016.

Turkey, who has started to educate and train polar science people of next generation aged between 11 and 17, has moved forward in a very short time with the significant interest.