Serap Tilav – First Turkish woman at South Pole

“I am a research scientist here at UD since 2001. I have worked with various detectors at South Pole since 1991. In 2005 I was awarded a geographical feature called “Tilav Cirque” in Antarctica for my services to Antarctic science.

I take the cold very well, and like working outside at Pole. I fear I developed dependency of being exposed to extreme cold for a month every year.

Serap Tilav at the south pole

I have also worked on a similar experiment in the Mediterranean Sea on the cost of France. I sailed the Provence coast on scientific boats testing the optical suitability of the Mediterranean Sea for such a detector operation.

Don’t ask me what I like about my job, or don’t like about my job, because I do not have a job. All I do is my hobby, and I’m fortunate enough to get paid for my hobbies.”