Turkey Hosts COMNAP/SCAR Photo Exhibition

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the photographic exhibition “Our Antarctica – Images from the Great White South”, organized by the Ministry jointly with the “Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs” (COMNAP), “The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research” (SCAR) and “Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Polar Research Centre” (PolReC).


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World’s biggest marine reserve created in Antarctica as Russia drops objections

The creation of a new international marine reserve in the Ross Sea was made possible after Russia dropped objections following lobbying from New Zealand.

The 25 member group that governs the Antarctic agreed to the creation of the Ross Sea Marina Protected Area at a meeting in Hobart, Tasmania, on Friday, in what the World Wildlife Fund called a “turning point” in Antarctic conservation.

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Scientists develop interactive game on impact of climate change on the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Scientists and games developers have joined forces to help communicate the impact of climate change on the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

The ice held in the Antarctic Ice Sheet has the potential to cause significant changes in sea level in the future, which will affect many people around the world. As a result, it is important that people have an awareness of the impact of a changing climate on the world’s ice sheets, but this complex system is difficult to understand and predict.

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Arctic vs. Antarctic

Because the Arctic and Antarctic are cold, dark, and remote, we often think these two places are nearly the same. However, they are quite different. One notable difference is that polar bears live only in the Arctic, and penguins live only in the Antarctic. But what about the differences in sea ice between the two regions?


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Antarctic research base sewage ‘contaminating’ waters, high-tech treatment plant planned

The pristine ocean off Antarctica’s coast is being contaminated with raw sewage from research bases and the waste is affecting fish, seals, penguins and other marine creatures, researchers say.

Dr Jonny Stark, an ecologist from the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), said the Antarctic Treaty, designed to regulate pollution in the Antarctic, was not up to the task.

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About the ATCM

The Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) is the primary forum in which the representatives of Parties to the Antarctic Treaty exchange information, formulate measures, decisions and resolutions to comply with the principles and objectives of the Treaty. The resulting outcomes of the meetings are adopted by consensus of all the Consultative Parties.

The ATCM meets annually and it is hosted by the Consultative Parties according to the alphabetical order of their English names. This meeting will be the third Chile hosts since the Antarctic Conference of 1959.

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